Danang, Vietnam Travel Guide

Danang, Vietnam Guide – Getting around and places to visit (Da Nang, Vietnam)

Download Danang City Tour Map with highlighted places of interest as recommended in the video here Danang city tour mapCầu Rồng Đà Nẵng

This video suggests places to visit and provides necessary information about where to stay, what to eat and drink while you are in Danang (or Da Nang). Da Nang Interntional Fireworks Competition DIFC takes place in April every year. Wondering what to do in Danang City? How to get around and enjoy the beaches in Danang for your next vacation? You’ve found the right video!

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How to eat Danang food

Disclaimer: This video was produced in Oct 2011 guided by a local and its content is based on personal opinion. As the city is changing very fast, some of the places might not be up-to-date at the time you visit the city. All constructive feedbacks are welcomed in the comment session below. Thank you and have a nice trip!

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